by Sandy Beach in Toronto, Thursday, November 23, 2017, 00:51 (386 days ago) @ ZihuaRob

Thanks for your efforts, Rob old friend!! On just viewing as visitor, my old legacy Sea Monkey seemed to work just fine!!:-D

Upon logging in, the page took considerably longer to load than previously and when loaded print (exp.Reply subject box: debugging)was very faint and far to small to be readable(as seems so common these days). :-(

At least, after enlarging view by 20%, all seems fine. Sadly I can not render numerous sites now
(especially those w/ photos)and even get contact refused notices upon occasion.:-/

Strangely, those sites tend to be ones that are trying to download up to 30 intrusive scripts/objects which are horroribly (sp?) dangerous from security &/or privacy view

Happily this old XP SP beast simply does not contain the routings necessary for those to enter/endanger !! Plus or minus my old trusty version of NoScript! :peace:

Yours is still the ONLY site on the net (incl. Security Sites) that I still have all protectors "turned off" for! :bravo: Thanks again for the safety here & your hard work
Keeping it going!! Sandy:worthy: :brilliant:

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