Bus to Troncones

by Armando, Friday, November 24, 2017, 08:00 (388 days ago) @ DEBMN

If you are in Zihua, you can take the bus in the market on Calle Los Cocos that says Union. Tell them your going to Troncones. They will drop you off on the Hwy 200 at the cut off to the town. A little combie will then take you to Troncones. the entire trip will cost you around 80 pesos.
If you are in Ixtapa, take the white and yellow bus to Pantla. At the downtown intersection get off and cross the street and you will catch the Union bus and get off again at the intersection of Hwy 200 to catch the same combie bus. Not to worry, tell the bus driver where your going and he will get you off at the proper location.
One great place in Troncones is on the right at the intersection in town called Mi Casa Su Casa Hotel and Restaurant. Great food and drinks and they will let you use the pool. Enjoy, we might see you there. Armando.

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