Mexico Debates New Security Bill

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Friday, December 01, 2017, 14:30 (79 days ago) @ wisconsinjuan

Rob- I respect your opinion about a lot of things, but not US policy on drugs and who is responsible for what. When it comes to pot in the US, more than half of the states have now legalized for medical or recreational use. We grow much better pot in the US than the old pot standard "Acapulco Gold".

This is about cocaine and heroin. And your view on this is equivalent to a woman being blamed for getting raped because she dressed sexy or did something stupid. We should be doing some things differently granted. I hope you never have anyone close to you get addicted, but you might change your tune if that happened. Just try heroin once and your life is changed forever.And not for the better.

My view, like that of Mexico's Corte Suprema, is that people should be allowed to ingest the substances they want to. Most people who use stupidly banned substances are neither addicts nor abusers, as most people who drink alcohol aren't alcoholics. Why do the lessons of Prohibition continue being ignored?

Mexico would not be overwhelmed with organized criminal violence if (a) Mexico did not share a border with the USA, and (b) the USA hadn't stupidly interfered in Colombia's affairs and handed Mexican cartels Colombia's drug business on a silver platter, including the especially lucrative cocaine trade. How many failed policies does the USA have to accrue before it fixes them? The USA invades and meddles in many countries, yet look at your indignance at suspecting Russian meddling in a US election. Pot meets kettle.

A damn shame you prefer to continue the avoidance of truth and reality instead of being able to have an adult discussion on the matter. Like too much of US history.

Mexico's cartels help supply the largest consumer of stupidly banned recreational substances in the world. Tell me again how that is on Mexico but not the USA. Tell me again how that is like blaming the rape victim. I never knew a victim who supplied their attacker with weapons or paid them for their "product".

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