Mexico Debates New Security Bill

by Labrat ⌂ @, The Roosterfish Foundation, Saturday, December 02, 2017, 20:06 (79 days ago) @ ZihuaRob

I don't support prohibition. That said I believe it is a bit naive to think that the Cartels would simply lay down and disappear if the U.S. were tomorrow simply legalize Everything.

After all, there is an entire would out there with the very same prohibitions.
The Cartels would simply shift markets to other countries and as for the U.S. market they would expand into other markets. Women, gambling, and anywhere else that there is a Black Market Buck to be made.

Hell, they would probably even start Bootlegging Cigarettes since they are about $90 a Carton up here most places now, and even more in places like New York.

Cost of a pack of Cigarettes by State

Just think of the market that that States are already building for them.



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