Finally staying in Zihua this time...

by mnponyexpress, Tuesday, December 05, 2017, 09:35 (351 days ago)

We will finally be staying in Zihua instead of Ixtapa this time (12/30-1/6) and to sweeten the pot, our kids are staying home in MN. We will be staying in the La Madera area and I have several questions that I am looking for guidance on.
Here goes...
1. Can we walk to La Ropa beach directly from La Madera beach? If not, by map it looks like we can walk a road to La Ropa- assuming... the road is not a highly busy road and we can safely walk the road. Is there easy, obvious access to La Ropa and restrooms available?
2. I am aware of the Comercial grocery store but I recall coming across a grocery store not too far from the farmer's market (we bus to Zihua a couple of times each time we are in Ixtapa)- is this accurate? Where is it located? Would this small grocery have beer/liquor available? If not, is there cross streets to easily locate a liquor store? Same thing for bakery goods- have encountered a couple of panaderias (awesome!!) when walking about in Zihua- any cross street references?
3. We plan to get fruits/vegetables at the market each day- although we certainly try to expand our Spanish it is pretty tourist level right now- any suggestions for helping us make purchases at the market area? Recommendations for 'cleaning' fresh fruits/vegetables?
4. Is there a way to purchase fish right at the Municipal beach and just purchase the filleted meat? What fish is recommended?
5. We will eat out each evening- guessing all options are good- thoughts on places within easy walking distance from La Madera area? Would also like to catch some good local music.
6. We have not been to the area this time of the year (12/30-1/6) before (normally March/April)- will the whales still be active in the area?
7. I believe Sun. eve. the basketball court is active- is this correct? Any particular New Year's Eve doings w/ a local flair?
Thank you kindly- very excited for a week in Zihua!!

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