Finally staying in Zihua this time...

by dhunsber @, ¡Dondequiera que voy, estoy aquí!, Tuesday, December 05, 2017, 10:11 (351 days ago) @ mnponyexpress

Lots of questions, many of which you'll find pleasantly answered by walking around Colonia La Madera and El Centro. I will offer a few attempts below:

1. You cannot walk directly along the beach from La Madera to La Ropa. If you're a strong swimmer you could do 300 meters or so in the water and avoid walking along the road. That option is taken by very, very few, so, you'll need to walk along the road. It is a fairly busy road at that. However, there is a more than adequate sidewalk the whole way, so you need not be overly cautious about traffic. Once you've crested the hill and begin the descent to La Ropa, you have three main opportunities to head to Playa La Ropa. The first is immediately after you pass by La Casa Que Canta -turn down this steep path and you'll exit onto the far north end of the beach. (This is the route my wife and I almost always take.) Second opportunity is near the bottom of the hill at the statue of Los Delfines (Dolphins) -one short block down to the beach. Third is way down the road to the south end of the beach -walk a couple of blocks and hello beach.
2. Lots of little tiendas that sell most of what you listed. If you are staying up on the high ridge of La Madera, there is one just a little way downhill and across the street from Hotel Aura Del Mar. Others may have to locate the other supermarket for you...I've been there, but can't name the street for you.
3. We always wash our fruits with mild dish soap solution and that's worked just fine.
4. I can't say if they'll filet fish for you there...
5. Search the archives; there are many threads on this topic. Our favorites along Calle Adelita in La Madera are Rufo's and La Teracita.
6. idk
7.Sundays the zocalo -basketball court is always hoppin' and New Year's Eve should be especially festive.

Enjoy your trip!

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