Cafe Leon

by Talley Ho @, Tuesday, December 05, 2017, 19:59 (344 days ago)

Due to the renovations to our new place, we are food challenged. Specifically, lunch challenged.

We always plan to take lunch with us, but always think we'll grab something along the way, but rarely manage to.

Today, one of our many stops was TelMex to get internet set up. We walked out of the office at 3:30, starved.

Across the street from TelMex is Cafe Leon. We checked and used the bathrooms, immaculate. We ordered two sandwiches, 45p each, chicken and pierna. They were the best panini type sandwiches we've had anywhere! The service was fabulous, the food too.

They said they have been there for years, let's support them.

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