Finally staying in Zihua this time...

by ZihuaRx @, Wednesday, December 06, 2017, 22:13 (348 days ago) @ mnponyexpress

First of all I agree with all of the above. It's a great walk. Walk up hill on Calle Adelita once you pass Hotel Irma you are getting close. After Irma go up the stairs and when you get to the road turn right. It's sidewalk the whole way. Once you get to La Casa Que Canta you will see a steep driveway down. I would take that as you get to the furthest northern part of Playa La Ropa. The view south is beautiful. Now slowly walk the beach south. Lot's of options and you may want to hit them all. El Vira's wasn't open when we were there about a week ago, but Paty's beside it works. All have bathrooms. Then slowly walk to until you get to those beach chairs with just umbrella's near the centre of La Ropa. May be the cheapest price for food and beer on the beach. Have another cool one. Try a michelada. Food is good at all these places. Then there are about 5 more restaurants down the beach. All just fine. Mangler's, El Pirata, Rosy's, Gaviota's to mention a few. Later in the afternoon when your hunger and thirst is quenched go past Rosy's and walk up to the road. You can grab a cab or a combi back. As far as a bakery (Panaderia) goes there is La Boquita panaderia which is wonderful. It's just over the canal from Madera.
Totally agree on La Terracita for breakfast. The huevos rancheros are loco and so is the Mexican coffee. The other Terracita overlooking Playa madera is also quite nice. Tough to beat Rufos for supper or La Gula or the one with barbeque on one side of the street and the tables on the other. El Viejo for sunday brunch is also fantastic and so is margaritas for breakfast, next to El Viejo. All these place are on Calle Adelita or just off of it. Don't even get me started on the food downtown because it is fantastic...Okay I will give you one.... Los Braseros for the tacos de pescado (one order for two people). I hope you have a great trip. Saludos. (sorry about all the spelling mistakes).

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