Las Brisas Question

by ingrid, Monday, December 18, 2017, 17:20 (360 days ago) @ colbyco9

What time is happy hour?
Thank you

We have stayed there since the late 80s through it being the Camino Real then Westin Brisas until it has finally become the Las Brisas. Happy Hour has been a tradition from the early days even as it has evolved. It used to be over Christmas that the waiters handed out white linen napkins and the played a special song as the sun went down and the guests sang and waved the napkins. The time would change in the spring as the sun began to set later and it used to be if you ordered the drink of the day it came with a glass swizzel stick (I have quite a collection). Through all of the variations of happy hour it has remained the place to go to watch the beautiful sunset and catch up with both old and new friends. It is 6;00PM to 7;00 PM.

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