Glob Restaurant Renamed?

by HolyMole @, Wednesday, December 20, 2017, 18:35 (355 days ago) @ Las Vegas Bob
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Returning to Zihua after 20 years. Has the Glob restaurant been renamed? It was one of our favorite places to have breakfast and great coffee. Thanks

Never ate at the Glob - couldn't get past the unfortunate name, I guess. Reminds me of General Motors and their (aptly?) named "Nova".

Which also reminds me of Phil Edmondston's thumbnail sketch of GM's Vega: "Buy a Vega if you enjoy meeting people along the highway."
(Canadians will recall Phil as the founder of the Automobile Protection Association, and author of "Lemon-Aid" )

As an ex-Vega owner, I can attest to the accuracy of Phil's "recommendation".

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