Fishing report

by Tere @, Thursday, December 21, 2017, 11:30 (306 days ago) @ frostbite

Sounds like lots of fun! Whales and dolphins! There are a lot of fish around right now. My husband and I go to Manzanillo beach, Las Gatas or La Isla once or twice a week so he can clean the bottom of his lancha while I snorkel, then we fish with plastic lures on the way back. We've caught eight Sierra and two barrilette in the past week or so. As for feeding the fish - here's what I've figured out: In the off-season or mid-week when nobody's feeding them, they SWARM me while I'm snorkeling - because no one's fed them. The little orange and black ones bite me looking for food. (It's just a pinch that leaves no mark, but annoying.) And I'm forever finding plastic bags or Saladitas wrappers floating around. The garbage that I can reach I take back to the boat with me so we can throw it out, but there's always garbage related to feeding that's out of my reach.

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