Vegetarian/Vegan Options

by debio @, Friday, December 22, 2017, 20:44 (397 days ago) @ ToddJerad

Hi there...your friends will hit the jackpot on vegan/vegetarian options in Zihua and in Ixtapa. I was prepared to write a long list of reviews for you but then I realized I've reviewed them all on Happy Zihuatanejo...or just google happy cow zihuatanejo...and 4 of the options pull up with many reviews!! Another one that might not be on Happy Cow is Raiz de la Tierra in is owned by Rodrigo (a world famous guitarist and vegan foodie). Just google that name (Raiz..) to find out the location etc.
Ceci, the owner of Entre Zanka Taqueria makes up incredible vegan cheeses, mayo and dressings that you can buy either at her place or she sells them at the Saturday Eco Tiangus. Patti Lily of Pura Vida can prepare special food items, meals or her through facebook..just using her name. If you have any other questions feel free to contact me! (PS. I'm not vegan but cannot eat dairy or eggs and prefer healthy options and I just love these people and what they are doing.)

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