Buying Pesos from Chase Bank

by DaveT, Saturday, December 23, 2017, 09:40 (358 days ago) @ K&B

We typically are in Z for 2-4 weeks. Before leaving I convert $125 USD into Pesos. All 20 & 50 peso notes. It might mean paying about the price of two beers for the for the conversion but it is sure as hell easier than breaking 500 peso notes.

While in Mexico we then use ATMS.

The smaller bills are typical for taxi' small purchases.

And yes.................what's the problem with the Airport ATMS?

Last month I used the ATM there at the airport and the next day I used Scotia bank ATM in town. Took the same amount out of each and my bank reconcile was the same for both and the fee's were the same at each machine!

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