I feel "safe"

by HolyMole @, Saturday, December 23, 2017, 12:57 (304 days ago) @ Casa Juan

Not exactly clear on what was going on but at 8:45 am today 12/21 on the main road in Ixtapa were most of the marines, state police and bomberos in this part of Guerrero all with clean fancy uniforms apparently trying to promote a sense of security in the area. Probably for 10 % of the cost 10 cops walking the beat in downtown Zihua at night and 5 on motorcyles in Ixtapa would be far more effective at controlling crime saving the big guns for the cartel.

By "safe", I assume you agree that the sight of armed-to-the-teeth troops patrolling the streets makes one feel anything but safe.

Reminds me, though, of Pierre Trudeau's response to folks complaining about heavily-armed soldiers in the streets during Canada's "October Crisis" in the 60's: "Get over it", or words to that effect.

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