Using Credit Cards in ATM

by Paulf @, Mount Sterling, Ky 40353, Saturday, December 23, 2017, 14:59 (355 days ago) @ Pelicano

Most of the small US Banks charge fees for both credit & debit card. Years ago we had a Mexicana Air Miles Card through BofA. We did not know that there would be International Charges for each time we used the card in Mexico. After that experience we searched for a card that could use in Mexico without all those fees. Now, we have been using a United Air Miles with Chase. We started out with a MC before the merger and then they offered us 50,000 air miles if we got a Visa. We are still using the MC which was good at Sam's Club before they started taking Visa. During the summer Kathie was offered a 50,000 Visa for her separate air miles number. She received it and we met the spending and received the 50,000 air miles- had enough for 2 1-way to Poland in Sept. I did not have enough on my account and had to purchase extra air miles.

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