Crooked cabbie

by Steve @, Saturday, December 23, 2017, 17:49 (353 days ago) @ frostbite

I ran into a similar situation a couple weeks ago when I was in Z on vacation. Stayed at Catalina. Paid anywhere between 35 and 50 most clustered around 40 for a trip to el centro. I've never been too fussy about this simply desiring to pay a fair fare. I always ask the cabbie: 35? Halfl the time this works or I get away with 40 and everyone is happy. Kind of depends on how tired I am. This time I got hit with more 50 than usual usually combined with a little grousing and I walk away, he drives away but I'm guessing we still are happy. The 50 requests usually are at the basketball court and I just go to a side street and invariably get 35. I've also noticed that if I'm with a Mexican and he/she does the fare negotiation we get a noticeably lower rate. Theres also the "I dont have change gambit used by the cabbie occasionably. I blow it off since the extra request falls flat since I carry an overabundance of change.

It's all good and I never blame the cabbie for trying to get the best deal for himself unless he's totally rude which I rarely run into. I like to concentrate more on giving the maids a little extra for their extremely hard work.

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