Unfortunate experience

by DaveT, Saturday, December 23, 2017, 20:06 (358 days ago) @ ZihuaRob

I suspect a Troll! New member today! 1 Post And the story doesn't make sense!

A young man accosts you with a knife to rob you. You are probably 50 to 60 years of age. You surrender your wallet. He then runs away and then you the victim chase him.
And of course if you caught him what would you do? Attempt to take the knife away from?

Not likely.

The story makes perfect sense! I have no reason not to believe them, Dave. The witnesses at the nearby pizza place chased the thief. I chase thieves, too. I've caught two or three. One had an ice pick, so I brought my machete. One had a huge knife, so a neighbor offered up a big 2-by-4 and we whacked him over the head after we'd trapped him along with some taxi drivers who kept radioing ahead to their pals as the thief ran through the market, him slashing away at empty air with his big knife until he began seeing stars.

In a lawless land I AM THE LAW!

How convenient that this post appears while you are once again in your bully pulpit espousing your disgust for the local police efforts or lack thereof in other recent posts in your forum. Poster joins forum today, posts a phony,corny story and you suck it up!

Were you there, NO! Have you spoken to any witnesses, No! Have you verified the veracity of any part of the story, No! All you have is a goofy story that doesn't make sense. So what you have is hearsay! Inadmissible in most courts of law.

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