Cab Fares

by Talley Ho @, Saturday, December 23, 2017, 22:11 (395 days ago) @ frostbite

We are almost (thank you whatever) though with the renovations necessary to make our new permanent home in Zihuatenejo semi ready. It's been great/interesting, all that jazz. We have been here 6 weeks tomorrow, Sunday.

We are taking cabs like crazy!!!!!!

On only one occasion have we been overcharged, and I saw it coming. We grabbed a cab at the south end of Playa la Ropa, and only took it as far as the delfines. Unfortunately, we told the cabbie that that was it. He said it was 30p, but my sweetie handed him a 50 and as I was digging for change he took off.

Honestly, we have probably had in the last 5 weeks, 60 cab rides, and only one that wasn't right on target, so all is well.

We have had MANY drivers who have actively assisted us with loading in and carrying up parcels and stuff for us, and have been thrilled to give them a tip.

Don't ever forget what a cab costs in other countries, and tip for extras!

Most of them seem to be pleased that we would leave California and come to paradise!

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