Unfortunate experience

by DaveT, Saturday, December 23, 2017, 23:33 (358 days ago) @ ZihuaRob

We've been coming to Zihuatanejo/Ixtapa for 20 years and have never had a problem, but unfortunately today we were robbed at knifepoint at 3 pm in Zihuatanejo. We were walking along the canal pathway just east of the roundabout that funnels traffic to La Ropa when a young man suddenly appeared in my face wanting money - when I hesitated, he grabbed me by the shirt collar and held a large knife at me. I pulled my wallet out, he grabbed it and ran back toward the roundabout. My wife was screaming for help at that point as we began to chase him. The great part about this story is that a number of employes at the pizza delivery shop across the canal heard my wife's screams, saw what was happening, and took off chasing the culprit as well. Apparently they caught up with him as he climbed on board a minibus taxi and proceeded to throw my wallet out on the ground. They found me afterwards and brought the wallet back to me, missing only a few hundred pesos that apparently were lost when the wallet hit the ground and money spilled out. Can't say how much we appreciated help from the local residents/workers in retrieving my wallet from the bad guy! In retrospect, I would suggest staying away from that portion of the pathway along the canal, even in mid-day.

I am truly sorry that this happened. Unfortunately our local mayor hasn't seen fit to provide our town with a functioning police department, so it's literally every person for themselves. Now if you had been at the bank today withdrawing your Christmas bonus (according to the local press) you would allegedly have been under the protection of the local police.

Unfortunately our mayor has never given any importance to providing public security. Says it isn't his job. After allegedly being responsible for having most of our police force arrested and jailed for illegal possession of weapons, he rehired thirty or so who were released and now expects them to be motivated to do a good job. I don't, and I haven't seen them act like it either.

And here ladies and gentlemen is the proof, given to us by Professor Whitehead himself. Right back up on his soap box blasting the Mayor and the the police. Isn't it convenient that this horrible just happened to day? This entire story is contrived by "Himself" just so he can keep up the complaining.

Look at the syntax/style of the OP and Robs' writing in this particular post. It's the same. How do you not see it?

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