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by frostbite ⌂ @, Hamilton MT, Sunday, December 24, 2017, 08:15 (390 days ago) @ blackrooster1

Hello my name is Jose Manuel Guzman Rosario manys peoples knowme very well here in zihuatanejo im cabdriver my number is 0344 any time i asking to the peoples windows doun or windows up this time with this peoples did the same and he say ok but when i say is 45 pesos he was very aggressive very rude and i understand it becausei saw he was in a bad mood,very hot day i have to pay a bad day from him because when he left my taxi almost broke my door and he callme pickpoket that is not good because the only i did was a good service in a hot day but my friend dont worry i will give you all your money back tomorrow morning im not a crooked cabbie only copper whats fair normal fair is 35 whit ac is 45 pesos all peoples in the world we work for tips thank you very much for be generous i do my best

I can't blame you for trying to clear your name, but when we got into your cab the windows were closed and the A/C was on; I did not ask you to turn it on. I was not in a bad mood until you decided to overcharge me. I called you a thief, not a pickpocket. That was neither rude, nor aggressive, it was a simple fact. I did slam the door harder than usual, but since all other doors and windows were closed, it certainly didn't "almost break your door". As mentioned previously, your overcharging me didn't cause me any financial problems, I just don't like being taken advantage of. We use cabs frequently here in Zihua and this was the first time in several years that someone has taken advantage of us. When drivers help us with luggage or groceries, I always tip quite generously. In fact, I have hired 3 different cab drivers for other jobs. No need to return the money; it was a lesson learned. In the future, we will ask the fare before getting in to a taxi.


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