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by Talley Ho @, Sunday, December 24, 2017, 16:00 (359 days ago) @ Rsimms

We are in the final days of our 6 weeks of completely setting up a house that was totally dead empty. It's been great fun, and an adventure. Everything you need is available here. Between Soriana (was Comercial Mexicana) Bodega Aurrera, Waldos, the mercado and just plain walking around with our eyes open, we have absolutely everything. We were fortunate to arrive 3 days before Buen Fin, so that made buying all of the appliances less painful. We don't have a lot of permanent furniture yet, but the plastic stuff is perfectly acceptable while we find what we want for long term, and we are stumbling across pieces in the strangest places!

We never even considered traveling to Morelia or Acapulco. If you get really hard up, use Amazon.mx

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