Vegetarian/Vegan Options

by Elena S @, Tacoma WA USA, Sunday, December 24, 2017, 17:22 (303 days ago) @ ToddJerad
edited by Elena S, Sunday, December 24, 2017, 17:27

In addition to the places already mentioned:
Villa Mexicana on Playa la Ropa will cook some fresh vegetables with rice, they have great guacamole with pico de gallo, and really good French fries
Carmelita’s will offer a selection of vegan options even if there’s nothing vegan on the menu that day. Just ask. And their handmade tortillas are so good!
As are the tortillas and view at Terracita’s, breakfast/brunch above the water between Playa Madera and Playa Principal.
Rufo’s in the Madera neighborhood will grill some good veggies and they have good live music.
Don’t miss La Papa Loca!

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