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by midalake @, Monday, December 25, 2017, 13:23 (350 days ago) @ Zbulldog

OMG Frostbite, you got ripped off for about 47 cents. What is this world coming to.

Where poster Zbulldog fails at is: When someone goes from Z to Ixtapa and the cabbie proclaims $105 pesos instead of $75. Or the time you are at Commerical going to El Mullle and the cabbie states 80pesos. Now this may not be too bad if you are in the area for a week. HOWEVER when you live there for 4 months a year this gets OLD after the first time.
MAYBE Zbulldog is one of these people who will return his new tax relief to the government as well?


PS Merry Christmas to ALL!

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