Good home in Zihua looking for a used pooch

by Casa Juan @, Tuesday, December 26, 2017, 20:54 (352 days ago)

I just lost my trusty canine companion after a one week struggle with a tick borne virus. Being a German Shepherd he was especially susceptible to Ehrlichiosis even though I took all reasonable flea and tick precautions.

I am beginning the quest to find another dog and will consider most any mid to large size dog. I checked the SPAZ link and it has not been updated in many years. I will go by there tomorrow but am also looking for any recommendations on pet adoption. I live in Zihua until April and then Alaska until next October. I believe I need to find a dog that is now approx. 6 months old so I can fly with he or she at the end of March.

Any advice appreciated.

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