Kau Kan Ixtapa anbot been?

by tbrolsma @, Minnesota, Wednesday, December 27, 2017, 12:30 (886 days ago) @ el vagabundo

Does Anyone know where this is located? I tried to look at the map but my question is it up past the Palmetto condo's and the old Villa De Selva? We have been staying in that area for 4 years now and I would love to have a restaurant close by to enjoy happy hour and dinner that we can walk to. We love the fuu fuu restaurants as you call them. When we go on vacation it's fun to get dressed up and go out because back home it’s hard to get dressed up as you must wear so many layers lol. We also love to go to lety’s and other restaurants. Top Fuu Fuu restaurants for us are not listed in any order- Tentaciones, Espuma, Mar u Cielo, Mito restaurant and Wine Store, Loot. Thank you everyone for your posts on this board I really enjoy reading everything and taking in all the pictures. Looking forward to spending about 18 days in February each year it keeps getting longer and longer

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