Navigating Houston airport - Global Entry/TSA Pre-check?

by midalake @, Friday, December 29, 2017, 09:14 (419 days ago) @ BL

Have you tried Global Entry? Does it help in Houston? You automatically are TSA pre-check and lines tend to be shorter and faster. Please let me know as we will be returning via Houston next month!


Here is the best tip of the day you will get! Get a NEXUS card. It is good for both border and global entry.

In Houston we zip right through. We are standing at the carousal before our luggage even arrives and then 3 minutes and out the door. We routinely do 50 minute connections now and if longer it is just more time in the United Club!

Just remember go out the main doors and back up 1 floor and check-in for your next flight. There is NO TSA PRE if you go through the baggage re-check area.


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