Navigating Houston airport - Global Entry/TSA Pre-check?

by Pelicano, Friday, December 29, 2017, 09:26 (81 days ago) @ Labrat

Yes, and YES!

G.E. makes all the difference in the world gettin though Immigration in Houston!

They have a plethora of electronic kiosks. You will get though Immigration so fast that you will have to wait for your checked luggage to get there!


I've had Nexus for years, the Canuck version of Global Entry and of course linked to it. The only glitch recently was when the entire system was down early this year in Miami and we lined up as in the days of King Arthur. There were only two officers for all the GE folks, and they were going through the entire handbook of questions, seeing as our flight was from Colombia. Too many Narcos reruns...


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