Navigating Houston airport - Global Entry/TSA Pre-check?

by Pelicano, Friday, December 29, 2017, 10:59 (22 days ago) @ Fly on the Wall

Could be but when we flew home in March , the global entry machines were down in Houston, so there was a separate line where everyone who had a card did both fingerprints and iris scan . It looked to be a fairly simple iris scan machine as there was also an agent behind the machine . Haven’t gone through Houston this season yet .

Have used the Iris machines 3 times this year and I swear it takes my wife 10 ( seems much longer) minutes to get the correct position.

This may sound dumb (I was tired after arriving at Vancouver from Geneva with connections), but I couldn't get the damn scanner to work, until an obliging officer came up and told me to take my glasses off...


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