Californian killed in Ixtapa

by Dione @, Chicago, IL, Saturday, December 30, 2017, 21:06 (17 days ago) @ Labrat

To this particular incident, I read that a "witness" stated that the man was being chased prior to his death. At 4AM my common Spidey Sense leads me to believe that he was not simply an innocent touristy bystander.

I am really shocked by some of the comments I have read on Facebook and on this message board. In a nut shell I have read: if you are out late at night while on vacation. You must be up to no good.

Here is my night life story. Every November for many years my girlfriend hosts a party for her birthday. She invites the staff from the hotel and their spouses and pays for all of them. The party usually starts after 10:00 pm because the staff does not get off of work until then. We usually stay out until 2:30 sometimes longer. We have had this party at multiple local venues over the years.

We look forward to this party every year. Yes, there is drinking involved but there is also dancing, music and friendship.

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