by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Sunday, December 31, 2017, 09:59 (346 days ago) @ OlsenMN

Then delete it Rob. But it was in an area where snowbirds live, where tourists and residents walk daily. And I truly believe that until tourism tanks the govt will do nothing to stop the violence.

It hurts the credibility of my website when it is used to post alarmist news that only serves to scare folks away. If we're going to post every shooting and killing here then it will easily kill our tourist business because it is all based on image.

I don't want to censor or delete you. I want you to understand the difference between posting the two types of news. I also want readers to understand the difference.

Yes, we have a problem with escalating violent crime. Having undertrained, underpaid and poorly equipped local police, half of whom were allegedly sent to prison by the mayor then rehired after being released months later who are certainly a lot less motivated now than they were before certainly doesn’t help. And it also doesn't help to have a mayor who entirely washes his hands regarding the matter of public security, saying it isn't his job (!?) and instead is actively campaigning for reelection. But those are problems that should be for residents to worry about.

What is unacceptable is that even with all the new security cameras, and with a military base in Ixtapa and a supposed special security deployment, worse crimes are occurring such as the arson and murders at an Ixtapa bar earlier this year and now the murder of a U.S. citizen in the boulevard in front of the main hotel zone in Ixtapa where his body lay for 4 hours before the police even bothered to arrive, a place that should be one of the safest areas in all Mexico. Money for our public security is apparently simply being wasted and poorly spent. The director of public security and our mayor should at the very least be called to task for a detailed explanation and admission of their errors, if not also reprimanded and removed from their jobs.

So please help me to maintain the good reputation locally of this website by not allowing it to be used to unnecessarily alarm and frighten off potential visitors via news stories about violence completely unrelated to their safety. That's all I respectfully ask.

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