Staying safe while on vacation

by el vagabundo @, Sunday, December 31, 2017, 18:16 (344 days ago) @ gemini67

In my opinion it is natural to be not paranoid but a bit apprehensive if you are new to a location. This is year number 13 for us and our third year of 6 months, we venture to different areas but not very far off familiar places and rarely if ever past 10pm but that is our lifestyle others like the locals like to party late into the evening and early morning on holidays, different cultures. We are also in our early sixties so those late night parties are seldom but we have a fairly big energy output through exercise each day so to bed early.

I am concerned about different events and wish they didn't occur but they do. Like Rob mentions some are targeted. We still go to the places we want but I don't look over my shoulder all of the way.

Be humble, remember you are not in your home country and be respectful. Remember you are not at home and things work differently in different countries, tourists can be a target for pick pocketing, hustling and so on all over the world.

If you are coming for a week, by the time the wedding is all over I expect you won't have much time for extracurricular activities into the wee hours.

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