Violence & Lawlessness In The Zihuatanejo Area

by Johnny Briefcase @, Monday, January 01, 2018, 01:31 (76 days ago)

Troops - there have been lots of postings about shootings, muggings and general lawlessness in our corner of the Mexican vacation paradise. I have no problems with the postings. I believe they are legitimate topics of discussion for this forum. However, it's important that we keep these matters in perspective.

My wife & I live in BC Canada which is touted as a safe and very livable place. Still, we get reports of shootings, muggings and home invasions daily on the evening news. If I was a tourist to my home area and I listened to those news reports, I'd be leery of visiting BC and in particular, Surrey BC. I lived in Surrey for 25 years and never experienced any serious violence.

When we lived in a town outside of Vancouver BC [ Mission ], there was an article in the local paper about a family that was fed up with all the violence in that locality. The family moved to a small island off the coast of South America and took up the occupation of sheep farming secure in the belief that they would never experience serious violence again.

Their island paradise was in the Falkland Islands and they ended up in the middle of the Falkland Islands war between Britain and Argentina.

Two points to ponder:

There really wasn't much violence in Mission BC

Violence can happen anywhere


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