Calling out Labrat

by samy, Monday, January 01, 2018, 13:09 (347 days ago) @ Easy Ed

Labrat is an authority of most things in his own mind. His animosity towards journalists and the media is Trumponian and a result of his fear of truth. He has embraced the "alternate truth" practice of this administration and firmly believes that telling the same untruth over and over modifies it to become his truth. There is no point in wasting energy presenting facts with the expectation of his seeing things differently-facts are for sissies in Labratland. When someone posts anything that he disagrees with he will respond with what he sees as a superior, witty one liner and a mocking "y'all". When the conversation turns to politics as it will do when the President is an obnoxious buffoon he will often declare it is time to pull the plug but he finds a way to insinuate his thoughts into the fray. As far as I am concerned Labrat knows a lot of nothing and is more than happy to share this knowledge.

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