Wanted:Weekly Cleaning Person

by Talley Ho @, Thursday, January 04, 2018, 21:25 (377 days ago)

OK, our house has progressed way faster than we ever though it would happen, and we are living in a mess. We need and planned for a weekly cleaning person.

Never having had one before, we need someone to come in and change the linens on two beds, and toss the towels and sheets into the washer and dryer while replacing them with the second sets.

We have two stories of tile and one of wood floors that need maintaining, windows, too.

We aren't slobs, but the tile floors are overwhelming us totally!

In a perfect world, we can have a person weekly forever who can take care of the basics for us.

We wash our own dishes, put everything away and have a weekly person who rakes, sweeps, waters, gardens and does general stuff.

In Perfect world, we would have a self motivated person who knew what to do. In real life, we need a person who can come in, do basic cleaning, follow directions, maybe water if things are done, and be trustworthy. For the right person, this is a forever job.

Any suggestions?

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