Slinging mud

by midalake @, Friday, January 05, 2018, 15:09 (411 days ago) @ ZihuaRob
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like to add THIS from the guy calling the vendors "squatters" in La Concha on Sunday's. PfffffffffffT

Really makes me want to have double order of Quesadillas there on Sunday.


If you're going to attempt to sling mud, you should at least endeavor to do so intelligently. "Squatters" are land thieves manipulated by politicians for their votes to occupy land that isn't supposed to be inhabited or for sale. Law-abiding long-time and native Zihuatanejo citizens including my wife pretty much all hold the exact same position as I do on the subject. What has proliferated out of control at Zihuatanejo's main plaza are the ambulantes, wandering vendors. Again, my point of view is shared by the majority of law-abiding long-time and native citizens especially including local business owners. Saludos.

I will be eagerly waiting your comments on what Sailfest is going to be doing with spending "their money" :stirpot:

Maybe you can allow Artista's to set up on your walk way for the day of the chili cook off! A win-win for everyone? YES?


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