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by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Friday, January 05, 2018, 15:10 (376 days ago) @ Bonnie

You don't "get my outrage" because simply, there is none on my part. It's my opinion and I think we are still allowed to express those here. OlsenMN implied that TH may not be attempting the hiring endeavor legally and wants personal financial info. In the very least, those last 2 questions should have been asked privately, not on the board. And according to both of you, the potential employees should be asking those questions.

A thought on how the whole thing should have been handled?? Perhaps OlsenMN could have extended an invitation (privately) for TH to take advantage of the knowledge in one of those “expat groups” meetings, that is IF TalleyHo didn’t already possess that knowledge. An offensive assumption or two made by OlsenMN in the first post – when it could have just as easily been handled with respect & politeness. You know, the innocent until proven guilty approach?

Your attempt to escalate the conversation to "it's all about that woman's outrage" has been duly noted. How about I have my hormone levels checked & locate my menstrual calendar – will that suffice?:devil:

While I appreciate your concern for "respect & politeness", there seems to have been a misunderstanding on your part. OlsenMN's inquiry to help someone she knows find employment is understandable, especially because I believe she has employed people and knows a thing or two about employment laws. I also believe your suggestion that those seeking employment should be asking the questions is unrealistic. I'd be flattered if locals who work as maids read my Message Board, but I have no such illusions they do. I hope you can understand that comments such as yours make folks reluctant to participate here on my Message Board, so I hope you'll show folks more tolerance in the future.


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