Sailfest/Por Los Ninos 2017 Project Summary

by lorenzo @, Saturday, January 06, 2018, 09:10 (342 days ago)

In partnership with the City of Zihuatanejo, International & local Rotary Clubs, Los Niños, Inc., Concreto El Hujal, Grupo El Plateado, Niños Adelante, School parents, 200+ local businesses and 70+ volunteers, we completed the following projects.

The peso amounts below represent Sailfest's contributions, and do not include the contributions of our valued partners.

Construction @ $ 1,229,225. pesos

Primaria Jose de Los Reyes Martinez, Col. El Baril, new lunchroom, perimeter security
Colegio de Bachilleres, Zihua, Col. Vaso de Miraflores, new office, computer room,
civic plaza, retaining wall, perimeter security
Colegio de Bachilleres, Coacoyul, 2 new classrooms
Secondaria Luis Guevera, Col. La Esperanza, new kitchen & lunchroom
Primeria Juan Escutia, Col. El Hujal, new classroom
Primaria Octavio Paz, Col. Buenas Aires, new classroom
Kinder 3er de Milenio, Col. Convergencia, new classroom
Municipal Casa de Cultura, Col. El Centro, new children’s ballet studio
Primaria Frida Kahlo, Barra de Potosi, library improvements
Primeria Francisco Madero, Las Pozas, perimeter security
Primaria Juan Enrique Peztalozzi, Col. Posquelite, repairs, paint & security
Primeria Hermanegildo Galeana, Barra de Potosi, Computer room improvements

Nutrition Program @ $ 180,767. Pesos

Carol’s “Beans & Rice” program provided approximately 30,000 nutritious meals to disadvantaged primary school students in partnership with Los Niños, Inc., our sister foundation in the United States.

Scholarships@ $ 184,980. pesos

English language & academic scholarships, text books, dictionaries & backpacks for disadvantaged students, Niños Adelante scholars, municipal employees & parents of students in partnership with Rotary Clubs, English Plus, and the Zihua Language Academy.

Operating Expenses @ $84,600. pesos

One-time government-required audit of 6 years of revenue & expenses. Future annual expenses will include cost (partly donated) of professional accountant. Notarized board of directors meeting. All other expenses such as website design & hosting, printing, etc, were donated by our compassionate volunteers. Normal annual expenses rarely exceed 1% of revenue.

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