Locals, expats, and fellow travelers meet up

by Keifer @, Saturday, January 06, 2018, 12:35 (13 days ago) @ needshendy

Thank you for this info! Unfortunately I too am arriving on the 9th ! I get there around 230pm though so I just might beable to make it if I'm feeling up to it aha, idk tho I'll be just getting off a 20hour (with layovers) flight aha

I'll keep the one on the 16th in mind ! The beach clean up sounds like a great way to meet people and do some good, count me in!

How long have you been going to Zihua? How long do you plan to stay? Would love to meet up with some people :) I'm sure I'll meet people there but it would also be nice to get to know people before hand !

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