Kau Kan Ixtapa anbot been - went last night

by BL @, Sunday, January 07, 2018, 12:58 (595 days ago) @ el vagabundo

Finally went last night.

Food is amazing, smaller menu though than their previous location.
Service very nice, too. Many of the same waiters with great and helpful attitudes.
View and setting is very nice, reminds me a bit f the old Puerto Mio with a rocky beach and sounds that accompany it.
They have only 6-7 tables and a smallish kitchen. Ricardo told us they are there temporarily, until the space becomes the beach club restaurant for the condo complex.
Finding a reservation proved to be challenging for us, and the receptionist was not particularly helpful or attentive.
Getting there is tricky: any cab knows where it is, and then there is an unpaved road down that is very, very narrow. On our way back the taxi got "stuck" for a bit and it was somewhat worrisome. I would NOT recommend going there after a rainy day and i would not feel safe driving.
We took the stairs going down and honestly they are not super safe or well lit, took the elevator on our way back up.

Not sure if we will be returning. As I said, food is to die for, and I am not sure if the hassle is worth it. Maybe wait and see where their next location is?

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