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Greetings from the Whales of Guerrero Research Project!

It’s an amazing year for whales so far and as we anticipated, it’s a big year for moms and calves. This means those of you who live on the beach are likely to see tiny baby whales and their moms as they nurse and rest in front of your homes, hidden by the noise of the waves. These whales are skittish! The babies need to gain several TONS in a few months while the moms fast and nurse to give their babies energy. The babies have to breathe more often than adults, so are especially vulnerable, as they come to the surface and mom stays close. Call us if you see one! (Local: +52 1-755-127-1583 or US +1-415-847-7295)

We’ve worked with a lot of guides in Barra de Potosí, Zihuatanejo, Ixtapa and Troncones and they are just amazing.

Trained guides know that whales need space, and if they give them space, the whales may come to them. If they get too close to whales, the whales dive down and leave. All guides want their guests to have a good experience and many of them think that tourists want to be on top of the whales.

If you could help us out, please reinforce good behavior when you go whale watching by letting them know that it’s better to give the whales some space.

Here is a list of the guides who have taken our training programs over the past 5 years. Their direct phone numbers are listed and you can also send in a request to go whale watching with one of them through the form on this page. If we have a few days' advance notice, I can send one of our bilingual volunteer biologists with you so you can hear the whales singing and learn more. (They charge $35 USD + a tip.) www.whalesinmexico.com/whale-watching/book-a-tour-with-a-trained-guide

Thanks so much for your support! And the whales thank you, too.

Katherina the Whale Lady
Whales of Guerrero Research Project

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