Are Ixtapa / Zihuatanejo still safe?

by midalake @, Monday, January 08, 2018, 22:26 (287 days ago) @ Huck

We have been going to Ixtapa for about 12-13 years,and have enjoyed our times there. We have always felt safe up to this point,but am worried about our next trip.

We like to go out for dinner & drinks in late afternoon or early evening,and are normally back to resort by 9-10:00 PM. We stay around the Crystal resort,and walk to dinner in Ixtapa,or take taxi(s) to Zihuatanejo. Always at least 2 of us,sometimes up to 8 in a group.

So what do YOU think? Are ixtapa & Zihuatanejo still safe places to go for vacation?

Thank you for your honest replies!!!

I strolled out of Ixtapa at 12pm last night. I did not notice people doing anything different than 29 years ago. If any indication of the amount of people coming here would of been my 1 hour wait to get through customs Sunday. Every indication I have says this is going to be one busy season down here. AND for the record people in Ixtapa said it was just nuts here over X-mas and New Years.

I know as one gets older it is much easier to become a scardy cat. But do YOU really think for one second that tourists here have some special mark? A bulls-eye? With the way the speed of information travels in this day and age if it really was a problem WE WOULD ALL KNOW. None of the 1000 or so people I saw last night had any special marks. I can let you know more in a week after speaking with more people.


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