Las Brisas Ixtapa - rooms / floors

by ingrid, Wednesday, January 10, 2018, 19:48 (284 days ago) @ Marbella de Chicago

All of the rooms are lovely and have spectacular views and I am sure that you will be comfortable in any of them. We prefer the 18th floor for the simple reason being that is the ground floor so we don't have to wait for elevators when going out or to the lobby or to the concierge.

We eat out most often but make it a point to stay in a few nights to enjoy dinners at Brisas 2 and Portofino and El Mexicano. They are all very good but I particularly love the setting at Brisas 2. One thing to be aware of though is there are no children under 12 at Brisas 2 or Portofino. They are allowed at Mexicano. Cheers!!

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