Las Brisas Ixtapa - rooms / floors

by svenobs, Wednesday, January 10, 2018, 20:18 (283 days ago) @ Marbella de Chicago

There are several ways you can loose your peso's in the zihua/ixtapa area. Make sure you check your bill at the restaurants. Like anywhere, there are discrepensy's sometimes. When you get you your hotel make sure it is what you paid for. Hotels will give you a lesser room hoping you are tired and will not say anything. Don't loose your money in a timeshare. Many people have made that mistake. The old $500 peso vs $50 peso trick is sometimes used. Make sure you get the correct change. The taxi drivers at times charge differing rates, but it is still a good deal. The old I don't have any change trick is used. They hope you will say, just keep it.

I have never seen pickpockets but it is advisable to watch where you leave your items unintended.

Anyway, that's about it.:-D :-D

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