Butterfly Tour from Morelia

by la gabacha @, Ixtapa, Thursday, January 11, 2018, 08:32 (339 days ago) @ Fran

Try looking up M and M tours out of Morelia
I ride the bus up to Morelia hook up with the tour guide who picks us up at our hotel just choose a hotel in the square close to the church and your guide picks you up early am drive to (rosario)mountain range or which ever mountain range has the most mariposas it has always been rosario when Ive gone. you can ride the horses or walk up it is easy if your mobile . Have a lunch or snack and back to Morelia for the night . It is absolutely the most beautiful ride across the countryside before you get to the butterfly preserve sit back and enjoy . your guide is always speaking english and is very astute about all history and unesco sites . I have been 3 times and the best time to go is in Feb. my personal choice because the sun is out and the monarchs are flying around and very active.

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