Updated travel advisory

by D-Loco, Thursday, January 11, 2018, 19:37 (284 days ago) @ senora2

You may think the US State Department is alarmist; I do not. I respect their advice. As far as your claim that our government doesn't want us to spend dollars in Mexico, I disagree. My American dollar buys a great deal more there.

Those State Dept. Warnings are 100% BS. Their motives are political, financial and absolute manipulative into getting the tourist money spent in the US. If Mexico doesn't do exactly what the US wants them to in the war on drugs they use these warnings to pressure them. I live in Mazatlan as much as I can and Sinaloa is in that warning too. I go all over Sinaloa and into Durango, Sonora, Jalisco etc. I vacation in Zihua a few times a year. I know whats going on with cartels as does most of the world. The difference is we know it doesn't affect us if we respect the laws and communities where most people that read the cartel news thinks EVERYONE is affected directly. I'm returning to Maz in a few weeks and can't wait, which is always the case.

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