Non Stop flights from Chicago...

by midalake @, Thursday, January 11, 2018, 20:25 (938 days ago) @ terrystrand

I have been to Ixtapa six times from Chi to Ixtapa...inn the nineties and in the mid 2000's. The last three times there were ZERO non-stops...2005, etc. In fact my travel agent booked me a nonstop, then a week later it was dropped for some reason. Next, we had to use Milwaukee to get a non stop, which is a pain.

The morning to noon flight from ORD is definitely the way to go, and I have been on that flight. They seem more plentiful in Jan/Feb/March.

Sadly as a workout guy there will be no more bicycle renting and heading up onto the hill between Ixt and Zihua. 20 years ago it was crime free, and ten years ago, too. But now you'd have to be nuts to go.

I am not squeamish about safety, but do not go off the beaten I'm sure you know.

Why do you not take the bike path between Ixtapa and Playa Linda? This route is used by many I know with out issues! Multiple time a week! PERIOD!


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