Updated travel advisory

by Pam in NJ ⌂ @, Morristown, NJ, Friday, January 12, 2018, 06:55 (333 days ago) @ AlexB

I was alerted of the travel advisory via MSN. We are arriving in less than 2 weeks, staying for 3 weeks, and aren't changing our plans.

Currently, Canada has not issued a travel advisory for it's citizens.....in fact, I don't recall Canada ever issuing a travel advisory for all of the years that the US has had one for Guerrero.

I take the US warning under advisement. I am aware of a higher than "normal" crime level in Zihua/Ixtapa but it seems to be isolated to the "drug trade" rather than random mass shootings. (please correct me if I'm missing something) And like everyone always says - don't wear expensive jewelry, flash money, buy drugs, etc. Be smart, travel smart.

We also read that the areas in Guerrero with the increased warning/threat are inland, hours away from the coast (again, please correct me if my info is incorrect). With all the propaganda these days, it's hard to know what to believe!!

Enjoy your trip and have a great time!!

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