Travel Medical coverage exceptions even for Canadians

by juanrojo @, Saturday, January 13, 2018, 19:35 (305 days ago) @ Curbarn
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I'm from BC and importantly and luckily I asked my agent about the coverage that my policy would have for Guerrero. A milder Canadian travel warning has been issued by, Global Affairs Canada, than even the old US one BUT while Zihua/Ixtapa and Taxco are excempt the rest of Guerrero is NOT and my coverage IS NOT VALID outside of Zih/Ixt because of Canada's milder warning. I really don't know about BCAA, my policy is through Tugo, but if you did not specifically ask, you may have the same limited coverage. I'm not being an alarmist and would NOT have thought to ask about this but for a thread from another town's message board. If you break your leg out of town get a cab to town and start your claim in Zih just in case.

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