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The bicycle routes of Ixtapa/Zihua are of course perfectly safe to travel. I've done it for years...from one end to the other...beautiful.

But I am speaking here of bicycling the remote paths up on the mountain between Ixt/Zihua. Past the Westin and way back into the desolate roads....desolate...and as I mentioned I am not fearful or squeamish.

Hi Terry

Quite frankly ANY of the land space between the Westin and Z, the so-called "back route" I have found to be safe ONLY in the last 5 years or so. I have told more than one taxi to not take that route or let me out. HOWEVER I have used that route at all times in the last 5 years. AND You should as well.

And my point in this response is: you should be able to bike that region without pause. Also if it is an issue as I mentioned there is the Z to Play Linda bike path, so there would be no reason not to enjoy a bike ride. Cheers!


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