Jan 23rd Shooting In Zihua

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Wednesday, January 24, 2018, 14:34 (389 days ago) @ LadyDi54

Any information into last night's shooting of the young Zihua man at Bar Amigo Pescador?

We are Americans who have been traveling to Zihua since '93 and have another trip scheduled for mid-March. And, though we share the concerns of many who have expressed them here and on other blogs over the escalating violence, we were inclined to view Canada's and the UK travel advisories as more credible than the US State Dept. for political reasons. I follow the Mexican news outlets (Borderland Beat, Mexico Daily News, Despartardelacosta) and it appears this violence is ramping up in Zihua. I follow this blog regularly and I know this topic has been discussed alot. We aren't asking to be talked into or out of our travel plans. We are merely trying to weigh the risks and make our own decision. Having more facts around what has been going on makes that decision a little easier and that is why we truly appreciate this forum. That said, last night's shooting was at 9pm on Catalina Gonzalez (just off Benito Juarez Av) and about a mile from where we are staying on Playa La Madera. He appears to have been a local that lived in the Vicente Guerrero neighborhood. Was it targeted?...a bar brawl? Any information would be appreciated. This has been happening too much, too often...feel bad for the family. Thank you for your insights.

I haven't heard any more on this than what I've read in the newspaper. If you've read what has been posted recently on the subjects of shootings and violence then I don't have anything else to add. No idea if this was personal or narco-related.

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